Spa Farm Dairy and Eggs

All of our Butters are available in several sizes, depending on your requirements.

Butter PortionsFrench UnsaltedPayson Bretan SaltedPayson Bretan Unsalted
Wyke Farm SaltedWke Farm Unsalted

All of our Creams are available in several size containers so please contact us for more details.
BV Dairy Clotted CreamBV Dairy Single CreamBV Dairy Double CreamBV Dairy Whipping Cream
Rhoddas Clotted CreamLow Fat Soft Cream CheeseHalf Fat Soft Cream CheeseFull Fat Soft Cream Cheese

These Devon Made Chutneys are all available in several sizes.
Apple and Cider ChutneyApricot ChutneyCurried Peach ChutneyDevon Fire Chutney
Mango ChutneyPear and Ginger Chutney

All of our eggs are supplied by Foots Eggs in Bishop Caundle, and are all available in different sizes (Medium, Large and Extra Large) and in varying quantities to suit your needs. Please note, that the Goose Eggs are only available in the Spring.
Local Free Range EggsLocal Barn EggsDuck EggsGoose Eggs
Quail Eggs